Throw Axes. Drink Beer. 

Throw Axes. Drink Beer. That's the slogan for Elizabethtown's only Axe throwing spot, Axe Play. When someone first mentioned this to me, I was terrified. ME? Throw an axe? No way! However, I love a good challenge and a good beer so I decided to get some pals together and give it a try. Y'all I'm so glad I did, it was so fun and so easy!

First thing is first, it's important you get your group together and save your spot online. Axe Play is operating by COVID-19 guidelines. Their capacity is limited, so be sure you check on times and get it reserved before you go. Groups can be between 4 - 12 people, if you have a group of two give them a call and they'll be happy to help ya! Don't forget to wear your tennis shoes, no flip flops or heels allowed. Once you get registered it's time to grab your mask and head to Axe Play. 

When you arrive mask-up and head into Axe Play to sign a waiver. After that your team will meet your Axepert. Your Axepert is your go-to person, they will go over all of the rules, safety precautions and give you a few tips on how to hit the bullseye. Your Axepert stays with your team the entire time, offering guidance when needed. Ours was great and even helped us keep score to make sure no one cheated! 

My friends and I played a few rounds then decided it was time for a beer. Their selection was incredible, they have a little something for everyone: domestic beer, craft beer and even some wine! I went with my favorite local beer from Flywheel Brewing and as usual it didn't disappoint. The people at Axe Play are so friendly and we got to talking with them about everything they do. You can rent out their facilities for a private party and they even have leagues! 

 I love some good healthy competition, and I was very fascinated by the leagues. The leagues throw every Monday night and you compete against the other players to be the champion. You can practice honing your skills by getting a membership to throw more often during the week.

If you're looking for bragging rights and to do something out of the box, Axe Play is your spot. You can find out all the information about them about heading over to their website, and be sure to give them a follow on their Facebook page.