Bourbon’s Backyard S’more 

I love a good s’more. There is something about being around a fire pit with friends that makes nighttime seem more fun. Here in bourbon country we incorporate bourbon into everything, it’s more than just a drink to us, it’s a culture. I have created an amazing recipe for the perfect s’more and labeled it the Bourbon’s Backyard S’more. Just like any good recipe, it needs to be shared! 

What you’ll need: 

Graham Crackers 
Bourbon Ball 
Roasting Stick 


Start by roasting your marshmallow over the fire. In my backyard there are big debates over lightly toasted marshmallows and burnt marshmallows, so I suggest cooking yours until you consider it done. After your marshamallow is cooked to perfection put on one side of the graham cracker, take your bourbon ball and put it on top of the marshmallow and finish with another graham cracker. Enjoy! 

As you will find, the Bourbon’s Backyard S'more is simple and easy which is how we like to keep things in Etown. I suggest pairing the s’more with a good dose of laugher and sharing memories with friends. 

S'mores in Bourbon's Backyard