This year our local shops have been through the wringer, but they've been so creative in helping us shop safely. Here are a few ways you can show them some love this holiday season!

Gift Cards

Who doesn't love a gift card? I know I do! Most of our local shops are offering gift cards that you can buy online, or you can call and they will hold a gift card for you. Grab a gift card from a local restaurant, shop or other business. A friend bought me a gift card for a massage last year and it was one of my favorite gifts. 

Shop Online

Shopping online has never been easier, get your local goodies with just a few clicks. Several of our shops are offering local delivery and curbside pick-up, so you don't even have to get out of your car! 

Give them a call 

A lot of places are posting all of their goodies on social media. If you see something you like, give them a call and let them know you want it. While you're calling, ask them about the different ways you can shop! 

I've already finished shopping, now what do I do?

Okay, I know what you're thinking, "Betty I've already finished my Christmas shopping!" That's totally fine, grab an extra item in case you have a last minute guest or buy a gift card from a local restaurant now to treat your friend or loved one later.

Get Social

You can also support them by sharing their social media post, liking their posts or recommending them to a friend. Show off your gift on social media and tag the place where it was purchased! 

However you decide, let's spread Christmas cheer to our local shops this year. Now, back to shopping!