Venita is an aviation marketing specialist and influencer hailing from Cincinnati. Most importantly, she is mom to her son Aiden, and together the two love to take getaways to reconnect, away from their busy work and school lives. Venita & Aiden recently road tripped 2.5 hours south to Elizabethtown, on behalf of Steller. They enjoyed a weekend of games, bowling, delicious eats and a few surprises in this charming town. Here’s what Venita had to say to us after returning.  

1. Had you heard about Elizabethtown before and if so, what were your ideas about it before coming? 

VW: I was not very familiar outside of the movie with Kristen Dunst and Orlando Bloom that I vaguely remember from years ago. I honestly didn’t know what to expect…but I will say that I didn’t expect it to be as developed as it was. There were new buildings and areas that I was amazed by and had to capture photos. 

2. What were your first impressions of the town? 

VW: My first impression was warm. There was a small town, big city feel upon arriving. 

3. How was the drive to Elizabethtown? Would you recommend it to a friend? 

VW: I would definitely recommend to a friend. The drive was easy and smooth. Not much traffic and didn’t take too long from Cincinnati, Ohio. 

4. Throughout your itinerary, how was it getting around? 

VW: Very easy to get around. I felt that everything was within 8-10 minutes with minimal traffic. 

5. How would you describe the town? 

VW: I would describe the town as clean, not too busy but active and more progressive than a very small town. 

6. What was an unexpected surprise in Elizabethtown? 

VW: I hope I can say this…. There were more African American people than I expected. Normally in very small towns, we are not represented. I noticed there were more of us! Including a Black Owned store owner. 

7. What did you enjoy the most? 

VW: I enjoyed the slowness of the city. I was able to really enjoy the moments with my son with the hustle and bustle of our normal life. 

8. What did your son enjoy the most? 

VW: My son really loved 3 Decade Arcade. We didn’t want to leave. I expected to go in and out… we spent over an hour playing games. 

9. Do you and your son take trips together often? What do you like about traveling together? 

VW: We do! I travel for work and my son joins me on some trips. I enjoy our time together on trips because he must talk to me (Ha!) At home he could avoid me by closing his room door… he was unable to do that here. It was amazing time spent together. 

10. What was your favorite meal?  

VW: The Reuben sandwich at The Social on Main. Best sandwich ever. 

11. What was your favorite activity?  

VW: Hands down, 3 Decade Arcade. 

12. What would you do again if you come back?  

VW: I would do the duck pin ball…. I beat my son in a few games! That was the only game I could beat him.  

Also, on my way home… I noticed a public park that I would visit. I am sure that the park was beautiful and I told my son that we would go during the sunset and have a picnic. I would also visit every single place listed on the itinerary provided. We had the most amazing trip!  

As Venita discovered, the slogan “Etown is made for memories” is truly accurate. This charming town is blossoming with new additions and openings, making it uniquely vibrant for getaways. Coming up this summer, Elizabethtown will host Tavern in the Garden, a weekly live music event along with several very fun events. Check out their website here to see the full lineup. Make sure to note Etown on your summer road trip list!