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The Elizabeth Club

Celebrating joyful spirits of love and friendship, "inspiring connections and community"

Are you an Elizabeth or do you love an Elizabeth?

The Elizabeth Club

Fun Fact: Elizabethtown was named in honor of Andrew Hynes wife, Elizabeth Hynes. We owe a lot to Elizabeth's and we decided it's time to show our appreciation. The Elizabeth Club is for those who share the name, Elizabeth, whether it's your first or middle name. Visit us at Etown Tourism to get your member card, photo and plenty of other goodies. See you soon! 

Elizabeth Favorites

The Dreamery

Craft American gelato made from scratch on site with high-quality, organic ingredients sourced from Kentucky farms. 

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Two sisters with hearts for their homes, their communities, & the people who inhabit them. Goods to fill your home, gifts to share with your friends, events to cultivate friendships...

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Vibe Coffee

Vibe takes coffee seriously! They appreciate the art of growing, selecting, roasting and brewing great coffee and buy beans from local roasters who are passionate about their craft. Vibe...

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J. Bradley's

J. Bradley's is known for exceptionally crafted goods for men. The shop is dedicated to men in the heart of downtown Etown. Enjoy shopping and even have a beer while you look around! 

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