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Elizabethtown Tourism & Convention Bureau Aids in Funding State Theater’s Sound Equipment


Elizabethtown, Ky., April 7, 2015— The Elizabethtown Tourism and Convention Bureau has agreed to give the Historic State Theater a total of $100,000 to aid in a new sound system installation.


Built in 1942, the State Theater operated as a movie theater for 40 years before it finally closed its doors.  It reopened as a performing arts center in 2009 after private fundraising was supplemented by tourism dollars raised through the city’s 2 percent restaurant tax, as well as city of Elizabethtown funding.


“The board and I are so thrilled about the support the Tourism Bureau is giving the theater.  We can’t express enough gratitude toward Tourism for not only this generous contribution, but also their continued support throughout the years,” said Emily West, executive director for the Historic State Theater.


West has stated at previous Tourism Board meetings that a new sound system is necessary in providing the best experience for visitors paying to see shows at the theater, especially concerts.  The State Theater currently rents speakers any time a concert is held at the venue.


The Historic State Theater’s sound system installation will be complete this summer, which will include sound panel treatments on the walls, acoustical curtains surrounding the stage, speakers hung from the ceiling and mounted in the balcony, and a new soundboard. 


The City of Elizabethtown has already granted the Historic State Theater $75,000 towards the sound system, and the Heritage Council has granted $12,500 for consultant fees.