The Elizabethtown Tourism and Convention Bureau is getting a bit of a refresh. The process started in April with a new mural and has spread to new coats of paint in our lobby, offices and soon our tower. 

For years the tower was painted Mulberry. Stories have been passed down about why the color Mulberry was chosen. One states the color was selected because the building is on North Mulberry Street. In true Kentucky fashion, another states that members of the ETCB Commission couldn’t agree between Cardinal Red or Kentucky Blue. To settle the disagreement, they mixed the colors to create Mulberry. Regardless, the tower has been an identifier for the Etown Tourism building for many years, specifically to our visitors that attend meeting in our buildings. 


As we continue to make updates, we have decided to paint the tower a new color: Modern Mulberry. The color is very dark and can almost look black, however if the light hits it just right, purple tones shine through. We are also in the process of adding some new updates to our lobby. Stop in, say hi and see all the great things happening inside the Elizabethtown Tourism & Convention Bureau!