Kansai Japanese Steakhouse

Address: 1611 North Dixie Ave. Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Phone: +12709822200


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Kansai, the Western Province of Japan, covers Kyoto, Nara, and many other ancient cities. This region is rich in traditional culture and includes the oldest wooden buildings still standing on Earth. Home to Shinto Shrines and temples dating back to 552 A.D., Kansai is the most popular destination for tourists visiting Japan. Here you can find beautiful Japanese gardens as well as the alluring and mysterious Kimono-Clad Geisha. No other region of Japan offers the same combination of modernization, rural relaxation, and historical treasures of ancient Japanese culture as does Kansai. Considered the heart of Japanese civilization, Kansai is often referred to as The Spirit of Japan.


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