Our visitors and locals were tasked with deciding the TOP FIVE best places to get a margarita in Elizabethtown. While this is a hefty challenge, they rose to the occasion. Looking for a refreshing tart drink? Stop in to discover your next favorite margarita in Elizabethtown!


Whiskey Ritas

Enjoy a twist on the classic margarita at Imps with their famous whiskey ritas!

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Los Nopales

Sip on a delicious frozen, tart margarita at Los Nopales. Add salt or sugar!

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El Tapatio

El Tapatio has a wide selection of different margaritas. We'll let you decide which to try first!

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Tequila House

Try a refreshing margarita flight at Tequila House!

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Las Chalupas

Sip on some sweet, fruity, margaritas at Las Chalupas.

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