Applying for Tourism Investment Assistance Program

“Tourism’s Twelve Step Program”

Step 1: Read the agreement in order to make sure your event will qualify for funds.
Step 2: If your event qualifies, sign and date the agreement because you must submit your signed agreement with your application.
Step 3: Make sure to read the time chart below and apply in plenty of time for the tourism board approval prior to your event date.

Board Review and Approval Time Chart

Event Date Application Due Date Committee Review Commission Approval
April-June January 15 January 15-31 February
July-September April 15 April 15 -30   May
October-December July 15 July 15-31 August
January-March October 15 October 15-31 November

Step 4: Call the tourism office at (270) 765-2175 or email the Executive Director at to inform us that you are applying for Tourism Investment Assistance Program funds if you have not contacted us already.
Step 5: Fill out the application, making sure to thoroughly answer each question. If all parts of the question are not completely answered, the application will be returned to you. A returned application might forfeit the request completely due to the timetable for board review and approval.
Step 6: Hand-deliver or mail the signed agreement and completed application to the tourism office at 1030 North Mulberry Street, Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701. You may also email the application to
Step 7: The Executive Director will add you to the proper board agenda according to the time chart.
Step 8: Attend the board meeting in order to answer any questions the tourism board members might have regarding your event. A decision is typically made that same day. You will receive an email or telephone call alerting you of the board's decision.
Step 9: Read over the Post Event Report to familiarize yourself with the paperwork requirements. It is much easier if you keep up with invoices and advertisements as you are planning the event instead of trying to find those items after the event.
Step 10: If possible, we ask that you use the questionnaire form to survey your attendees. The answers will not only help you in planning your next event but will also help us prepare for their return. Then compile the questionnaires on the compilation sheet and turn in with the post event report.
Step 11: Submit your post event report with all the required invoices and any other required paperwork to the tourism office within 45 business days after your event.
Step 12: You or a representative of your event must attend the next regularly scheduled tourism board meeting in order to have a promotional photograph taken of the check presentation.

Downloadable Forms

Applying for Sports Event Funding

  1. Grant requests should not exceed $500.
  2. To be considered for funding, applicants must complete the appropriate application for Sporting Event  Funding.
  3. Applications must be submitted with original signatures at least 60 days prior to event.
  4. Grant funds from ETCB are intended to supplement the sponsoring organization's budget, not replace it.
  5. Any funds granted will be subject to audit.
  6. Grant requests should be submitted to the ETCB Sports and Sales DIrector

Downloadable Forms