The Hub

Entertainment Destination Center in Downtown Elizabethtown

“The Hub” is an Entertainment Destination Center (EDC) created in partnership with the City of Elizabethtown.  The Hub provides a boost to the local hospitality industry by allowing customers to purchase alcoholic beverages and stroll through a designated area in our downtown district. The name is a nod to the days when Elizabethtown was deemed, "The Hub City." While we have had several changes since then, Elizabethtown is still a hub for all the hustle and bustle happening in the region. The Hub invites residents and visitors to explore more in our downtown community and strengthens local businesses. So, grab a drink and take it with you while you explore all our community has to offer.

The Hub

Rules and Regulations

Alcohol may be carried, possessed, and consumed on THE HUB’s sidewalks and parking lots indicated by signage and into City of Elizabethtown alcohol licensed premises in ‘The Hub’ during the days/times permitted.

  1. Alcohol must be purchased from a licensed alcohol vendor within 'The Hub'.

  2. Alcohol may be carried into businesses unless prohibited by the business.

  3. Patrons traveling from licensed premise to licensed premise must use ‘The Hub’ approved cups.

  4. No alcohol may be brought into ‘The Hub’ from outside sources.

  5. Alcohol may not be taken outside of ‘The Hub’ for any reason.

  6. All state and local laws are strictly enforced in ‘The Hub’ including public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

  7. All alcohol vendors shall refuse to sell or provide a City approved cup with alcohol to any person or persons who are visibly intoxicated.

  8. All cups must be disposed properly in waste or recycling containers. Littering is prohibited in ‘The Hub’ and will be strictly enforced.

  9. ‘The Hub’ patrons must walk on sidewalks and utilize crosswalks.

The Hub Boundaries

The Hub's boundaries


The Hub Cups

Here is what The Hub cups will look like. All alcoholic beverages that are enjoyed outside of the business must be served by a participating business and be in this designated cup. 

An image of The Hub cups


What is an Entertainment Destination Center?
In Kentucky, municipalities can establish an Entertainment Destination Center that allows patrons at participating restaurants and bars to leave the premise with an alcoholic beverage in a specially-marked cup.

Where can I have alcoholic beverages in Downtown Elizabethtown?
Alcoholic beverages purchased from a business in The Hub must be consumed within the boundaries. 

When are alcoholic beverages allowed in The Hub?
Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the designated area in approved The Hub cups from: Monday - Sunday 12PM - 12AM

Can I purchase a cup from The Hub and put my own drink in it to walk around Downtown Elizabethtown?
No, only drinks purchased from a participating business in The Hub are allowed by state law. No cans, glass bottles, or outside drinks are permitted within the boundaries. Anyone with alcohol on public property not purchased from a participating business during permitted hours or during a designated special event can be cited and/or arrested.  

Can I bring my own cup and put my own drink in it to walk around Downtown Elizabethtown? 
All alcohol must be consumed in The Hub's designated cup and purchased at a participating business. Anyone with alcohol on public property not in the designated cup and/or not purchased from a participating business during permitted hours or during a designated special event can be cited and/or arrested.  

Can I bring my cup from The Hub back to another event?
No. The Hub cups are only permitted for a single use when leaving a downtown business to walk to another location within the area.

What are the repercussions for those exiting the boundaries with alcohol?
Should patrons leave the boundary, they can be cited and/or arrested.

Are other Kentucky cities creating an Entertainment Destination Center like The Hub?
In August of 2016, the State of Kentucky adopted legislation allowing municipalities to create local Entertainment Destination Center’s in their tourism and convention districts. To date, over a dozen municipalities have passed local ordinances to create these, including Paducah, Danville, Owensboro, Louisville, Lexington, Morehead, Covington, Maysville, Midway, Bellevue, Somerset, Corbin, Bowling Green and the CVG Airport.

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